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Tired of messy and leaky water hose connections?
Wasting time attaching and detaching water hoses?
Time to evolve.

- The complete Zephyr quick connects kit for super-easy connects and disconnects between water hoses, water faucets and watering tools like spray guns.

Make watering connections a snap, no more messy, time-wasting, unreliable make-shift connections, attach when you’re watering, detach when you’re not. In a jiffy.

1 attaches to a male 3/4-inch water outlet (faucets, taps), 2 attaches to female 3/4-inch end of a water hose with fittings, 3 attaches to a male 3/4-inch end of a water hose.

Chrome-plated brass construction for long, rust-free and tough life.

Leave them on the hose or outlets as they allow water flow even when not connected.

Compatible with Zephyr hoses of all sizes with end-fittings, the Zephyr spray guns and 3/4-inch male water outlets, please refer to images and videos for better understanding.

For technical support for this product, please write to us at To read the warranty policy, please click here.

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Asit A Tapte
High quality fittings.

The fittings are of high quality, you can feel it by the weight of the fittings. It fits perfectly into each other. No leakage observed after connection. Worth it.

Pz.Fayaz Khushkhwan
Fit item to be purchased & used

Excellent, Nice & quality product.

Jalandhar Boy
Good Coupling

Excellent replacement for the plastic version supplied by most car washing equipment manufacturers which are susceptible to cracking. The only worry is there is no filter. But if your source water is fine, filter can be done away with. Or you may add a simple tap mesh.

S. Pal
Very good quality , a bit expensive though but one time investment ..

The easy way to connect rust proof and simple installation. Price is a bit high that's the only drawback but everything else is great

Must buy with other Zephyr products

Very good quality though expensive. This product is must buy if you are using zephyr hose and spray gun as this allows the hose to rotate and remove bends. Getting all 4 adapters is must for stress free user experience.