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RMX Rubber Pvt. Ltd. is a subsidiary of RMX Industries (formerly RM Exports, India)– the largest exporter of rubber air and water hoses from India. Manufacturing since more than 30 years back, RMX Industries sells in over 20 countries, most of them across North America and Europe. The inventors of the revolutionary BluBird range – the lightest, strongest, most flexible rubber hoses on the market today. It is fast becoming the favourite hose for professionals and DIYers alike.

RMX brought rubber hoses back in the game and ahead of the hybrid & plastic hoses which posed challenge to rubber. Innovating constantly but not for the sake of it but for truly helping the end-users by listening to them, RMX has become a formidable name in the hose market with now a base in the US too.

And RMX Rubber is the India specific arm of RMX Industries. And brings the BluBird range of hoses, reels and accessories to India under the brand name Zephyr. Already a major hit and the go-to brand for garden consumers in India only a couple of years after launch, Zephyr is now ready for its forte – the professional and industrial market. Those who’d not compromise on quality of both product and service. This time, made in India, made for India.