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Water Anything, Anywhere with Zephyr

Whether you're a gardener, a homeowner, or a professional landscaper, water hoses and hose reels are valuable tools that simplify a wide range of tasks, ensuring you have a steady and efficient water supply where and when you need it. Their durability, flexibility, and ease of use make them indispensable for maintaining lush gardens and clean outdoor spaces.

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Innovative Design Features

The Lightest Multipurpose Rubber Hoses on the Market

"Rubber is heavy, so Hybrid or PVC" "Rubber hoses would have been the obvious choice, only if they were a bit lighter" Everyone listens to the market. We listened to the end-users. The men at work and conflating the technical and marketing experiences, we invented the Zephyr Rubber Hoses. They are almost as light as the ‘hybrid’ hoses, even lighter than some. They are around 40% lighter than the average rubber hoses on the market. The differences become very significant as lengths and sizes increase. The Zephyr Jackhammer, for example, is nothing short of a revolution. Never break your back again. Zephyr renders the phrase – “Rubber is heavy” – extinct. Gone are those days. Rubber Hoses are back to rule. And they’re better than ever".

The Side-Effects of being light

To be frank, we didn’t plan these while developing Zephyr. But as it turns out, being light is good for more than just not-breaking one’s back.
1. Smaller Carbon-Footprint: As Zephyr containers cube-out and weigh-out at the same time (as opposed to regular rubber hose containers which get weighed-out much before they cube-out), Zephyr Hoses have a smaller carbon-footprint than regular rubber hoses.
2. Pay for the product, not the freight: For the reason mentioned above, the freight per unit goes substantially down. Also, the individual unit shipping cost goes down as the weight does. So you end up paying for the product and lesser for the freight.