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Zephyr Solar Lights: Lighting up your outdoors

To all our customers welcome to Zephyr, your producer of quality outdoor solar lights. It is easy to install - the product requires minimal maintenance and is friendly to the environment. Perhaps most importantly, they do not add to your electric bill. Whether you require solar pathway lights or security lighting, then Zephyr carries the best lighting solution.

How Zephyr Solar Light Works

Zephyr is involved in the generation of electricity through the use of solar energy. Our solar, outdoor garden lights consist of advanced solar cells that harmonize to produce electricity from the natural source of light, the sun, and these will be followed by well-charged batteries to supplement the natural light at night. We use only the best batteries!

Easy Installation and Cost-Effective Solar Lights For Garden

Our solar lamps for garden are very easy to install and provide efficient and affordable illumination to any given area. Our products are almost maintenance-free to ensure the users a pleasant experience. All that is required is to put them in a sunny area and they are good to go. Our solar lighting solutions are extremely simple to implement and they are also very affordable to implement with our lights delivering powerful, constant light without incurring electricity costs. Get the bonuses of proper outdoor lighting without having to overpay for it.

Higher Solar Technology for Better Performance

Zephyr itself harnesses light conversion technology to generate electrical energy from sunlight. As for the aspects of quality, performance, and reliability that were mentioned first, it can be added that this contributes to their stable functioning and durability. Hence, Zephyr solar garden lights ensure your outside spaces are well-illuminated during the night. 

Maximizing Efficiency and Performance

Ensure that the solar cells are exposed to the recommended amount of light to allow the cells to charge at night. That way, in places where there is not much sun or in winter when the days are overcast, operating times may differ. Tilt solar panels in the right way by ensuring they are not obscured by trees or buildings and clean them of debris to make sure they work correctly and the battery does not die soon. 

Multifunctional Decorative Solar Light to Meet Every Requirement

Zephyr specializes in offering a plethora of Solar Lighting solutions for different uses in outdoor activities. For our solar pillar lights, they are ideal for use in walkways and garden paths while our solar lamps for garden add beauty as well as security to the exterior part of your compound. Specifically, freestanding lamp posts are best used for illuminating wider terrains such as the patio areas and the driveway while our security lights with high beam safety boost security on your compound. That is why with the help of Zephyr you will surely be able to find the ideal source of outdoor lighting.

As for the spare parts, you can contact Zephyr anytime to understand the specifications for each product. You can reach our helpful customer service department to check on the status and make sure that your lights are operating optimally.


Q: How should I properly mount Zephyr solar lights?

A: As for the features of the Zephyr product line of solar lights, they are easy to install. All you have to do is put the lights in a place where the solar panels can be exposed to sufficient sunshine.

Q: Will having Zephyr solar lights cause my bill to be higher?

A: No, Zephyr solar lights are operated by solar energy thus making them not contribute to the electric bill.

Q: What is the duration of usage of Zephyr solar lights in each night?

A: The specific time of the night when the unit runs depends on the time of the day the unit receives sunlight. In ideal conditions, they run several hours into the night. In regions where there is less sun, there may be variations in the operation times.

Q: Can the Zephyr solar light bulbs or batteries be changed?

A: Zephyr solar light bulbs and batteries can be changed for a few products. However, please contact our customer service to get the updated on that precise model.

Q: If my solar lights are not doing a good job, what do I do next?

A: Make sure that the solar panels get direct sunlight and are not blocked by trees or any other buildings. The panels should be lightly cleaned with a broom or the use of a hosing system to provide a natural cleaning method that prevents the stoppage by birds or any other objects that may collect on the surface of the panels. However, if problems arise, one should contact the company’s customer service for additional help.

Q: Would you recommend Zephyr Solar lights for use in the winter?

A: Indeed, there are Zephyr solar lighting systems that are manufactured specifically for use in winter seasons. Nonetheless, it may still be shorter than in the previous day due to operating for fewer hours; with short days and cloudy weather. One can also want to upgrade to a model optimized for the winter in case of a need.