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Product Features

Material: ABS and hardware accessories.
Solar Panel: Polysilicon material, 5.5V, 1.8W/1W (small size).
LED Configuration:
66 LEDs in total:
48pcs warm light LED + 18pcs white light LED.
36pcs warm light LED + 12pcs white light LED.
Working Modes:
White light.
Dynamic flame.
Charging Time: Approximately 7 hours in sufficient sunlight.
Working Time:
About 7-7.5 hours (white light).
About 12-15 hours (dynamic flame).
Battery: 18650, 3.7V, 1200mAh.
Waterproof Rating: IP65, suitable for various weather conditions.
Applications: Suitable for corridors, garden gates, rooftops, courtyard walls, shops, homes, and more.
Large: 19.5 x 17 x 59.5 cm.
Small: 14.7 x 13 x 48.5 cm.
Large: 382 grams.
Small: 216 grams.
Adjustable Lighting: Two levels of light: white light and dynamic flame.
Intelligent Light-Sensitive System: Automatically charges during the day and lights up at night.
Waterproof: Life-level waterproof, suitable for use in rainy conditions.
Durability: Wide applicability and durable construction.
Easy Installation: Simple to install and use, enhancing convenience.


Illuminate your outdoor spaces with the Solar LED Lawn Simulation Flame Lamp, an advanced lighting solution designed for gardens, landscapes, and various exterior environments.

Constructed from high-quality ABS and hardware accessories, this lamp is equipped with 66 LEDs that provide both warm light and white light options.

The efficient solar panel technology ensures that the lamp charges during the day and offers reliable lighting at night.

Its intelligent light-sensitive system and IP65 waterproof rating make it suitable for all weather conditions, while its easy installation and versatile design make it ideal for enhancing the ambiance of corridors, garden gates, rooftops, and more.

Available in two sizes, this lamp combines functionality with aesthetic appeal.

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