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Zephyr: Garden Evolution

The Zephyr Garden hose is the evolution of garden hoses. These are the lightest, strongest, most flexible rubber garden hoses, created not just for garden consumers in India but also for the professional and industrial market. Made with all rubber, they still bring the lightweight and agility of plastic / hybrid hoses to the durability and versatility of rubber.

With UV and ozone resistance, these hoses will not let these crack for years, unlike plastic hoses. They come with a working pressure of 10 BAR and 20 BAR, and a safety factor of 4:1, making them suitable for all watering applications too. All this with a 10-year warranty. The end-brass fittings allow easy, neat connections with taps and various watering tools and accessories.

Move over stiff and cracking plastic hoses.

Tired for plastic hoses becoming stiff and cracking every winter? Garden hoses bursting every month? Replacing them now and then? With unmatched cold weather performance, retaining flexibility even until -50C as well as UC and ozone resistance, these will not crack for decades or need that frequent replacement.

40% lighter and yet all rubber.

The revolutionary formulation of Zephyr hoses lets them have the flexibility and versatility of the best of rubber hoses and yet be 40% lighter than regular rubber hoses and as light as the plastic hoses. This makes them the most easy-to-use and durable rubber hoses as these won’t get stiff and crack and burst easily.

Includes the best garden tools.

The Zephyr hose reel comes with all you need to make it work out-of-the-box. The revolutionary Zephyr garden hose, the Zephyr 9-mode spray gun, a lead-in hose to connect to water outlets and mounting hardware.

End-connections look neat, don’t drip water.

Zephyr hoses come with universal 3/4″ threads and one male and one female end. Made with brass, these fittings allow neat, solid and easy connections as opposed to makeshift, unreliable and messy looking ones. No more dripping and wasting of water. You can easily connect spray guns, taps, Quick-connects and on top of that, the fittings allow easy extension and joining of two hoses.

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Customer Reviews

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Rajesh Krishnan
high quality weather resistant

I bought this to extend a 25 Foot pipe (Zephy hose) I have; to make it 50ft. needs no attachment. this fits into the existing hose seamlessly (without need for any coupler/adaptor etc). I n fact I bought one, and had to return it, since it was not required. I have had the other hose for almost 2 years now and functioning perfectly. strongly recommend for th3 equality and durabilit

Anup Viswanathan Thampi
I have beautiful garden set in front and backyard and beautiful garden ...

I have beautiful garden set in front and backyard and beautiful garden requires strong,lengthy and long lasting hose. So to water them I needed a good hose and spray gun that will efficiently provide water fully and that's when I saw Zephyr water spray gun. I checked and found Zephy has a series of other garden products and so I thought I would give it a try. I bought Zephyr water spray gun and connectors too.

These are my initial impressions:
1. The tube is of high density rubber
2. Built quality seems really good, but can tell only on a long term basis
3. Feels and provides a solid feel and look
4. The seller(RMX Rubber) was fast on delivery
5. Price: It seems fair for such a good product.
6. 10 year replacement warranty
7. Feels like its kink free/bend free
8. It weighs light but doesnt mean it is not durable, will provide an update after long term use
9. Color is radiant

K J Sudarshan
Doesn't bend like other plastic pipes for at least an year

It's made of Gas Pipe quality. Doesn't bend like plastic pipes and stop the water flow. We have it installed in our open garage which is subject to the hot sun daily. In that, the pipe started bending slightly after a year of use, which is still okay. Recommended.

Ayush Yadav
A Very Superior Hose... Update: Going strong after three years

It's long. It's very long. But hey, they sell in shorter lengths, and measuring before buying is recommended! And I'm not cutting it until experience has shown how much I don't need.


It is soft! It is very nice to handle. It is light! Really, I can't believe how light it is!

Gagan Jogi
Good Product

I am a certified buyer of this company 's product. Go for it closing your eyes.