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Factors to Consider When Choosing a Garden Hose Reel

Mar 14, 2024

Zephyr Watering

Whether you are a person who likes gardening or one who values the neatness of your yard, having a high-quality water hose reel provides you with more than just meanness. In addition to these being smart devices that curb the messiness and wear-and-tear, if possible, due to wreaths and fits, they also make it easier to use and last longer.

 Today, the market is full of amazing options so when you go shopping make sure you consider your more important needs. Here, in this article, we will study the main factors, to be considered, when choosing your retractable garden hose reel which may suit you perfectly.

1. Considering the Type of Garden Hose Reels

Garden hose reels are manufactured in a variety of types, each kind being designed to meet diverse demands and people's tastes. The commonest- encountered types are wall-mounted reels, freestanding reels, and even a retractable garden hose reel is a great option.

 The garden hose reel wall mount products are those that are mounted onto a wall or some big and strong surface, so they are an excellent choice if you have a space problem or do not fancy the idea of having temporary installation on your walls. The garden hose reel frequently have simple wound and unbound mechanisms such as cranks and handles that guarantee convenience during their usage.

 The retractable garden hose reel with this function enables the user to manage the hose effortlessly without any considerable stress. They are equipped with mechanisms that make them simply recoil the hose by pulling the handle or releasing the locking mechanism. They, in fact, surely work the best for those who value convenience as well as who wish to package manually winding of the hose and unwinding it.

2. Think About the Hose Length

Making hose length and reel capacity fit the way the hose works and the coverage expected is very important since overcapacity could overweigh the hose and undercapacity will make it inefficient. If you take into account the size of your garden or yard, think of the paths you need to be watering. For most situations, however, longer hoses are better as they give you more options, but may also take more effort to handle and store.

 Generally speaking, a garden hose reel is made to fit a hose allocated with a particular length, normally 50 feet – 200 feet or more. It cannot be overstated the importance of selecting the reel capacity that matches the length of your hose; tangling, kinking, or damaging either the hose or the dryer reel mechanism can be avoided when that choice is made.

Choose from Zephyr garden hoses in customizable lengths of 25, 50, and 100 ft to meet the demands of your garden.

3. Material and Durability

Hoses for watering gardens can be made from varied materials each inheriting a specific set of merits and demerits. Plastic, the most common material, and metal (steel or aluminum) complete the sequence.

 Plastic reels have a very good price/weight ratio, they're resistant to rust and corrosion, and they're unaffected by changes in temperature and humidity. However, when it comes to endurance, fiberglass reels may not compare to the durability of metal reels, not only in weather conditions or service-heavy.

 Steel or aluminum metal reels are valued for their elasticity as well as for their ability to withstand lots of pressure. They are capable of withstanding nature's outdoor conditions and heavy-duty operations, making them the most preferred equipment in landscaping businesses or individuals working towards the end. On the upside, although we engage in higher cost and weight, the reels we use in the market are metal and not their plastic alternatives.

4. Usability and Ergonomics

Bearing in mind the importance of user-friendliness and ergonomic design, choose a retractable garden hose reel carefully. Find the features that make it comfortable to use like the handles with gripped surface, fine winding, as well as versatile mounting options (for a garden hose reel wall mount).

 Certain reels will include superior characteristics like automatic rewind systems that come in handy for people with some mobility, no strength, or health complications. These devices are usually equipped with a spring motor or other similar mechanism as a result of which no extreme physical effort is needed to hand-retract the hose anymore, saving you time and energy.

5. Portability and Storage

 If you plan to take your hose reel with you when you travel or you intend to store it during the time it is not used portability and storage issues will be a matter of great importance for you.


A  garden hose reel wall mount can accommodate mounting options like attaching hooks to the wall or hinge designs that one can remove easily when the need arises.

The Zephyr best garden hose is specially formulated to sustain in different weather conditions. It remains flexible both in hot summers and freezing winters. You can use the hose at any time of the year with no loss of efficiency. Reach out to us today and grab the best deals!